Helpful Tips

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Some helpful tips to get your print job ready.

  • We accept the following files for print: .ai, .pdf, .psd, .qxd, .eps, .tif
  • Provide a hard copy (laser print) of the final file or a jpeg.
  • Send all the fonts used.  If applicable, send screen and printer fonts. We can use TrueType fonts on the PC.
  • Do not use “styles” for fonts in the application. If the font does not have a bold or italic version,  it will not print that way on our Postscript 3 system.
  • Vector based files can have the type converted to outlines to eliminate fonts, but will also eliminate our ability to edit text.
  • Include all imported images and links with the files sent to ZoPrint, even if the files have been embedded.
  • All color documents and/or imported color files should be CMYK or PMS spot color (not RGB).
  • CMYK images should not be used in a spot color job.
  • Delete unused colors from the color palette in your application. Do not use multiples of the same color  (ie: 340 C, 340 CV, 340 CVC) as each of these will print as a separate color.
  • Scans and non-vector based art should be 350 DPI resolution at the placed size.
  • Remove all unused text or graphics from the pasteboard outside the document image area.
  • Keep text and objects not to be trimmed no closer than 3/16” from the actual trim.
  • Items that print to the trim (bleed) should extend 1/8” past the trim.
  • Do not use MS Word or MS Office programs.

We look forward to working with you to achieve the highest quality job quickly.  As always, we will work with you to make just about any file print the way you like, however, any intervention time will be an additional charge. Please call if you have any concerns about this information or need any help in preparing your files.